I am Martin Budden. This is a personal blog – in it I will post things of interest to me. You might not agree with everything I post, indeed I might not agree with everything I post – I’m not averse to reposting something I’m in disagreement with if it is heartfelt and the author has an interesting point to make. To paraphrase Quentin Crisp: everything honest is interesting.

In the broad sense, I am a scientist: I am interested in learning new things, in refining and correcting my existing knowledge, and in integrating my knowledge into a consistent world view. I believe in the scientific method, and especially the need to change or revise my opinion when presented with contrary facts or evidence. So I’m especially interested in reasoned comments that disagree with what I say.

My interests include technology (and especially how technology interacts with society and the law), cycling and photography, and I expect most of my posts will be in those areas.

  1. Patrick
    Feb 8, 2012 at 22:56

    I am also interested in Contador’s situation. I’m wondering if anyone has proven you wrong about your idea that Contador likely did not take clenbuterol intentionally. Please let me know.



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